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Featured Testimonial

Tasharjni’s Folks,


Australia This is the first time Tasharjni has been away from home and it has been a joy to our hearts to see that she has been so well cared for and attended to. Your unique accommodation provided the environment to allow her to cope with the 'culture shock' of her new circumstances, which would not have been available in a shared flat, or some other situation.

Welcome to Australia Wide Student Accommodation

We provide an International melting pot for students of the world to exchange ideas and cultures, whilst being immersed in a truly Australian experience.

  • Only 15 minutes to the city
  • We have a lovely, traditional style home 
  • Great study environment 
  • Quiet, residential district 
  • 3 minutes walk to tram, train and bus direct to Melbourne City and leading campuses
  • Mix of single and twin share rooms


For more information on rooms and facilities please click here...